18th October 2023

Advancing Health Coverage through Local Manufacturing and Efficient Supply Chains

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HELP Logistics recently participated in the 2-day Health Product and Technology Exhibition in #Kenya. With a focus on local Health Product and Technologies (HPT) manufacturing, the event highlighted interventions crucial for enhancing competitiveness and market access.

As Kenya prepares for nationwide Universal Health Coverage (UHC), the country’s reliance on imports for medical devices is transforming. With 30% of HPTs, including medicines and medical supplies, now locally produced, Kenya is swiftly moving towards accessible and affordable healthcare.

During the exhibition, we showcased our ‘Business on the Move, Humanitarian edition’ supply chain simulation game, offering attendees a deep dive into the complexities of supply chain management, which can be applied in the context of health supply chains aligned with UHC efforts.

Our work echoes the government’s goal of initiating healthcare delivery at individuals’ doorsteps, driven by an unwavering commitment to reach every corner of the nation efficiently.

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