Our Game

The basic concept of the game is that players run a logistics business moving different products from one side of the world to the other by land, air and sea as quickly, profitably and environmentally responsibly as they can.

Business on the Move is designed to be extremely versatile, relevant across many subject areas and so flexible it is successfully played by primary pupils, postgraduate students and industry professionals. It’s fun for the family too!

Our Story

We are Andy Page and Patricia Smedley, former teachers and the creators of Business on the Move.

Our game aims to excite and inspire 9 to 99 year-olds about business and global supply chains.

Following extensive trials with nearly 600 young people aged 9-19, logistics managers and HR staff, the first edition of our educational board game, Business on the Move, was launched in the summer of 2014. You can see a video clip of young people and logistics professionals playing and talking about Business on the Move in the Gallery part of our website.

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Our Social Enterprise

Our business model is a particular form of social enterprise called a Community Interest Company (or CIC). Our company is limited by guarantee. There are no dividends and any profits we might make are ‘asset-locked by statute, being re-invested in the enterprise or invested in the community.

We are most grateful to both the 50 business partners that collectively sponsored our first edition and the 42 sponsors that now support our Global Edition. Between them, they truly represent a cross-section of UK and global supply chains including SMEs, household names, professional/trade bodies and multinationals. For more details visit Sponsorship.

Our Vision

Business on the Move aims to inspire and excite young people about how business and global supply chains work, make connections between the classroom and business reality, and develop the ’employability’ that young people need in their future working lives.

One of our USPs is the way in which real businesses feature as themselves not only on the board but also through all aspects of the game. This makes the game ‘real’ for young people, reinforced by more than 50 learning activities created with our partners for use in the classroom after playing the game.

Our Awards

These awards mean a lot to us.

It is heart-warming that Business on the Move has been recognised by both the education and business sectors that our board game embraces.

The awards underline what our years of personal experience in education have taught us ~ that well designed board games demonstrate their worth with players of widely differing ages and abilities. Their versatility, their capacity to engage players and their inherent fun are as valid today as ever before.

We also believe that awards are also testimony to the fundamental importance of investing in our young people, the future talent for all businesses.

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