Global Edition

Getting started – read me first

The Global Edition of the game has two alternative ways for teachers and trainers to introduce and facilitate game play to a group of learners where multi-games will be being played at the same time in one room.

PowerPoint Slides

These 40+ slides introduce the game, explain the rules, offer possible newsflashes and show you how to work out the winner. Very importantly, do access the notes visible underneath the slides. They provide detailed guidance, so you can select the slides you wish to use.

The PowerPoint works especially well if you prefer slides that you can easily edit and manage their speed of use.

How to Play Video

This video has been expressly created to support introducing players to the Global Edition. It consists of a series of 4 sequenced video clips, especially suitable for players receptive to a more ‘punchy’ and visual approach and players able to absorb instructions quickly.

The cumulative running time of the whole video is approximately 13 mins, with the first clip being the longest at less than 5 minutes. The clips themselves have built-in pauses and are accompanied by extensive notes to enable teachers and trainers to check players’ understanding of the rules as (the) game(s) proceed.

If you have any questions, our FAQs page may well have the answer.


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