How is Business on the Move used in Business?

We recommend players of all ages and (logistics/supply chain) experience start at Level One, “raising the bar” once players “get” the basic rules.

Unsurprisingly, the game’s original purpose on launch in 2014 still stands ~ business sponsors use the game in UK schools to excite the curiosity of tomorrow’s logisticians, from as young as 9 years old upwards, in order to develop a future talent pipeline with logistics and supply chains regarded as a career of choice rather than chance.

Totally unplanned, however, have been the diverse ways in which businesses all over the world have ‘adopted’ Business on the Move and integrated playing the game into their own internal staff development programmes. By way of example, Clipper and Kuehne +Nagel use the game to get across to their new apprentices and graduates the ‘big picture’ of global supply chains in an interactive and enjoyable way. Clipper challenge their new intake to develop their project management and leadership skills by organising and running the game at a school of their choice. Kuehne +Nagel are developing a wider ‘ambassadorial’ approach with their staff as a whole, using the game to reach out and engage with local communities’.

Download (D10) provides many more examples of different ways the game is used by business and Download (D09) explains how the game can be used in different contexts from Careers Fairs to Tournaments and even as part of a Staff Away Day.

Video 4 underlines just how versatile the Global Edition is, while Download (D08) provides an overview of the ”Global Edition” in the form of a printable A5 colour leaflet.

Downloads (D11) and (D12) explain how both the Global and UK editions, respectively, can be customised to incorporate any business wishing to be actively featured in game play by having its own bespoke edition, ideal if you are considering using the game internally for training purposes, externally in your outreach work with local communities or, perhaps, as a novel corporate gift…?

How does Business on the Move benefit business?

Although the game is essentially an educational resource, there are clear business benefits for companies to becoming involved with Business on the Move:-

  1. Business on the Move demonstrates, to key business partners and staff alike, a commitment to developing a future talent pipeline to reduce future recruitment costs, by building interest in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of supply chains from an early age, encouraging gender diversity and challenging preconceptions of an industry that operates under too many people’s radar.
  1. The game provides a proven educational resource to delivering corporate social responsibility objectives in communities where the business operates:
    • signalling the importance placed on learning and development
    • demonstrating commitment to global and environmental issues
    • ‘giving something back’ to communities.
  1. By incorporating your own business brand into games Business on the Move can provide positive exposure at local, national and global levels alongside so many significant global supply chain organisations such as CHEP, CILT, Clipper, DP World, Heathrow Cargo, HFW, Kuehne+ Nagel, Marks & Spencer, the TT Club, UKWA and XPO Logistics.
  1. Business on the Move provides a versatile, proven and fun resource to enhance companies’ own training programmes. Examples are included in Download D16, ‘Perspectives from Workplaces’.

At its heart, of course, Business on the Move aims to build “the supply chain message” for both students at school and new recruits to the industry.

  • exciting and inspiring (young) people about logistics, supply chains and business as a whole
  • raising the aspirations of our next generation, our future workforce and future entrepreneurs
  • enhancing employability skills ~ “behaviours, attitudes & skills that last a lifetime”

We would be delighted if you would like to support our not-for-profit social enterprise in achieving these aims. A modest investment can bring big dividends!

Any of these four short videos  illustrate this better than words ever can:

  • Video 0, “Worldwide Chain Stores donating games to a local primary school.”
  • Video 2, “Launch of the Global Edition 2018: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Logisticians.”
  • Video 3, “Century Logistics facilitating a workshop with local secondary schools.”
  • Video 7, “Exciting the next generation about logistics (UK Edition, 2014).”

What support is available?

In addition to the “Guide to Delivering Learning” that comes with every game, there is a variety of downloadable material to help you get the most out of your games:-

  • A Download that will help you “Get Started” is (D03 for the Global Edition and D04 for the UK game)
  • Video 5 will show you how the (Global) game works within 2 minutes.
  • Download, (Downloads D01 and D02) respectively, can be downloaded to facilitate running either the Global game or the UK game.
  • Newsflashes (such as Downloads D18, D19 and D20) provide fun ways to increase the challenge to your players
  • Downloads (D21,D22,D23,D24,D25,D26) are available to work out who wins, to evaluate your learners’ experience and even to support running up to 20 games at once in a big competition
  • There is a flexible and adaptable workshop menu to be found in Download (D17).

What further information is there?

Video 9 shows our first UK Edition being played by primary and secondary school pupils as well as business sponsors and apprentices.

Furthermore, the use of real businesses enables Business on the Move to become much more than a powerful educational board game. Over fifty classroom activities have already been created with business partners to enable learners, after playing the game, to investigate the reality of how business works.

These 50+ resources are available free-of-charge to teachers and trainers ~ with a personal login through our Learning Zone ~ to all organisations with a minimum of 4 games.

You can download, without any charge, samples of some 16 of these resources by visiting our Family page with notes especially written for parents who might be home-schooling.

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