How to play the UK Edition

1. Getting Started

‘Getting Started’ describes all you need to know to get ready and start playing the UK game. Ideally print off whichever version of the PDF below suits you best but, if you have not got access to a printer, certainly invest time in reading it before you start… it will pay off!

Getting Started (UK Edition) is best suited to those intending to use the game for its original purposes in education, training or business settings.

Getting Started (UK Edition) for Families makes a better read for friends and family.

Starting straightaway with the Level One game is an option, but playing ‘Express’ beforehand is excellent preparation

2. Playing Business On The Move Express

The ‘Express’ format is particularly suited to a situation when time is short and you quickly want to learn the basics of how to play.

It is a good way for whoever is introducing the game to others ~ a teacher, trainer, parent or friend ~ to learn how to play before starting the full Level One game.

You may even like ‘Express’ so much that you choose to make it your first game for everyone…
Playing Express (UK Edition)

3. Playing Business On The Move (Level One)

Although designed originally for use in education, these slides have proved useful to friends and family too, especially when playing the Level One game for the very first time.

The slides do not just explain the rules, they include newsflashes and show you how to complete a balance sheet (if you choose to use it).

Very importantly, you will see that there are notes underneath most of the slides, providing extra detail.

These notes will help you decide which slides to use and which to exclude……with the very first slide provides an overview.

Download Slides

4. Increasing the challenge (Higher Level Games)

How you progress beyond the Level One game is very much a matter of choice because it is not strictly necessary to graduate one level at a time from Level One through to Seven.

The ‘Guide to Delivering Learning’, the booklet that accompanies every game explains how to make game play more of a challenge ~ see pages 23-25.

In particular, we commend page 25 to you because it describes interesting ways of increasing the challenge to players for use either while still playing Level One or for playing at Levels Two to Seven.

More detail can be found in this linked PDF: Increasing the Challenge (Higher Level games)

You are further recommended to read our answer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our website where the answer to Question 26 , in particular, should prove helpful.

Another link, accessible through our ‘Downloads’ page will take you to some sample newsflashes that you may find useful, especially Downloads 19 and 20 as you raise the bar with your players.

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