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How do you play Business on the Move?

Business on the Move is a strategy board game that requires players to move deliver customers’ orders across the globe by land, sea and air, as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can.

Players must make the same decisions businesses make every day. How do I deliver? Will I make a profit? How can I cut my carbon footprint? How should I grow?

Running one of four companies, either on their own or with a partner, players compete to build their business. Do they invest profits in planes, ships, trains or trucks to expand? Is it best to move cargo with the white dice that risk CO2 emissions, or with the slower green dice with zero emissions? How much should be invested in the skills of the workforce or new technology to boost performance? Is it a good idea to break bulk and deliver pallet orders?

Players are encouraged to manage risks and respond imaginatively to newsflashes that can shift the economic environment and, sometimes, the goalposts!

Video 5 will show you how the Global game works within 2 minutes.

Actively featuring 42 business partners “as themselves” makes game play feel very ‘real’ to young and older alike.

The game’s realism belies its essential simplicity and versatility.

With three different game levels in the same box Business on the Move is very versatile.

Indeed, it is for all ages 9+, for fun with family and friends, and for learning in both classroom and workplace.

Although designed principally for use in schools to develop employability skills ~ behaviours, attitudes and skills that last a lifetime ~ it has proved to be an interactive and innovative way to learn about business and have fun at the same time.

The game weighs over 3 kgs and comes with a large (A1) game board, more than 250 plastic pieces, over 200 cards and 2 sets of 4 dice.

What do people say about Business on the Move?

Video 9, filmed at the launch of the Global Edition in 2018, will enable you to see the game being played by 9-19 year olds and hear the views of employers, teachers and the young people themselves.

Download (D13) to read a summary of the evaluations we carried out with 543 young people from more than 30 schools in England, most of which were primary schools.

It was the enthusiasm and positive comments that these young learners fed back ~ and the number of times we were asked where the game could be bought (!) ~ which has inspired us to make the game available to families too.

What support is available?

In addition to the “Guide to Delivering Learning” that comes with every game, there is a variety of downloadable material to help:

  • A Download that will help you “Get Started” is (D03 for the Global Edition and D04 for the UK game).
  • Video 9 shows our first UK Edition being played by learners across the 9-19 age range with contributions too from employers and teachers.
  • PowerPoints (Downloads D01 & D02) can assist with understanding the rules for the Global and UK games respectively, especially useful if your family members prefer a more visual approach.
  • Newsflashes (Downloads D18, D19 and D20) provide fun ways to increase the challenge to players.
  • Downloads (D21 and D22) provide a Balance sheet for use with the Global and UK game respectively.

What further information is there?

Video 6 shows the prototype of our first game being trialled by young people at a primary school and a secondary school in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Their first impressions of our trial game inspired us!

Furthermore, the use of real businesses enables Business on the Move to become much more than a board game. Over fifty activities have already been created with business partners to enable children, after playing the game, to investigate the reality of how business works.

These 50+ resources are normally only available free-of-charge to teachers whose schools have a minimum of 4 games.

In these unprecedented times through the “Learning Through Logistics” initiative of which we are proud to be a part, parents can download, without any charge, some 16 of these resources by visiting our Family page, complete with notes especially written for home-schooling.

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