How is Business on the Move used in schools?

The Level One game is designed to be played by pupils as young as 9 years old, but, in fact, we recommend players of all ages start at Level One with the teacher “raising the bar” once players “get” the basic rules.

This versatility means the game relates well to all Key Stages of the curriculum and to a wide ability range with learners playing from age 9 to 19 years old.

Videos 1 and 4 capture the versatility of the game, while Downloads (D05 & D06) describe how the game relates across the curriculum. 

Business on the Move enhances curriculum delivery within core subjects, as a cross-curricular resource and as part of an Enterprise or ‘World of Work’ programme. An “Express” version is described in Download (D09).

Of course, it is played within Business Studies courses but its more generic purpose is making real connections across the subject curriculum between classrooms and workplaces.

It is much more than a board game; it is a powerful platform for relating classroom learning to the reality of the business world beyond the school gates.

How does Business on the Move benefit learners?

Videos 0 and 2 probably demonstrate the answer to this question better than the words below.

Business on the Move offers schools and colleges opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of classroom learning to the wider working world
  • Enhance learning from KS2-5 through the use of interesting and real contexts across the curriculum
  • Challenge stereotypes and encourage the exploration of wider career opportunities
  • Gain insights into how supply chains & logistics work and their important contribution to our lives and the economy
  • Learn effectively through a fun and exciting group activity

Young people tell us they like real businesses featuring as an intrinsic part of Business on the Move because the game reflects the world they live in.

This realism sparks interest from the beginning, it adds to the credibility of the game and young people are more motivated to play and learn.

Feedback from more some 543 learners, two thirds of which were primary pupils, is captured in Download (D13).

Students at a London Fashion School completed a ‘Before & After’ exercise summarised in Download (D14), while many teachers from all over the UK contributed to Download (D15).

What support is available?

In addition to the “Guide to Delivering Learning” that comes with every game, there is a variety of downloadable material to help teachers get the most out of their games:-

  • A Download will help you “Get Started” is (D03) for the Global Edition and (D04) for the UK game.
  • Video 5 will show you how the (Global) game works within 2 minutes.
  • There is a PowerPoint (Downloads D01 and D02) teachers can download to facilitate running either the Global game or the UK game.
  • Newsflashes (such as Downloads D18, D19 and D20) provide fun ways to increase the challenge to your players
  • Downloads (D21,D22,D23,D24,D25,D26) are available to work out who wins, to evaluate your learners’ experience and even to support running up to 20 games at once in a big competition
  • There is a flexible and adaptable workshop menu to be found in Download (D15).

What further information is there?

Videos (6 and 9) both show our first UK Edition being played by learners across the 9-19 age range with contributions too from employers and teachers.

Furthermore, the use of real businesses enables Business on the Move to become much more than a powerful educational board game. Over fifty classroom activities have already been created with business partners to enable learners, after playing the game, to investigate the reality of how business works.

These 50+ resources are available free-of-charge to teachers ~ with a personal login through our Learning Zone ~ to all schools with a minimum of 4 games.

You can download in the meantime, without any charge, samples of some 16 of these resources by visiting our Family page with notes especially written for parents who might be home-schooling.

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