#Learning Through Logistics

Free, fun and flexible resources for families

Following lifetime careers as teachers we set up our not-for-profit social enterprise to continue what we always practised, connecting pupils’ learning with the (business) world outside the classroom.

Our philosophy is simple ~ if young people enjoy what they are learning and also see its relevance, then they will be more motivated and more likely to develop the crucial curiosity to want to learn more.

Since 2014, inspired by our board game Business on the Move, we have co-written with our business partners many resources that connect young people’s learning across all kinds of subjects to global supply chains, international trade and climate change, so important and topical nowadays.

A cross-section of these resources ~ for use by teachers and trainers ~ is now being made available, to all home-schooling families who would like to use them:-

  • at no cost ~ they are absolutely free of charge
  • in adaptable formats you can tailor to the needs of your children, including nearly half for children as young as 10 years old.
  • as standalone exercises, independent of the board game that inspired them, matched to the school curriculum and accompanied by notes and answers

Send us an email if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help.

We’d also be delighted to receive your feedback and your photos of busy smiling learners!

Our board game, Business on the Move, that inspired these learning materials, is for any age from 9 upwards and is now played and enjoyed all over the world.

What sort of resources are available?

The activities are very varied. Some are naturally more suited to primary school pupils, some to older school/college students and some to all age groups.

Many of the activities have proved so flexible that they have been adapted right across the age range for use from primary to higher education!

Some resources relate to a particular subject such as Maths or English, while others are of a more general appeal across the curriculum.

There are different tasks within each resource, some taking less than 15 minutes to complete while others require much longer. Most have answers and teaching notes you can dip into.

A summary of the activities follows in two parts, the first describing resources for children from as young as 10 and the second for 14 year olds or older.

To download an activity simply click on the Download links below. To see an overview of all the activities, you can click here and download our pdf “Activity Guide”.


We are proud to be working alongside our partners in #Learning Through Logistics to make all these resources available absolutely free-of-charge to parents who are home-schooling:

Activity Downloads

Top Brands Challenge

“Top brands, bottom prices” is the strapline of Home Bargains. How many of the 21 top brands can you recognise from just one single letter of their name? Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

Mapping the Supply Chain

A logic / problem solving exercise that introduces you to, and tests your understanding of, the supply chain for ice cream, bread, toys, T-shirts and trainers. Please read the two 'Notes to Parents' documents first as they explain which activities will be the most suitable. Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

Do you know Carrots are polished?

Using 16 photos, can you arrange in sequence the supply chain of carrots from the farmer through to the customer’s shopping bag? Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

Every little (activity) helps?

Some short and snappy exercises that help to develop your basic skills by applying them to interesting information about the UK’s biggest retailer. Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

Plan Your Route

A realistic problem solving exercise, applying map reading skills to work out the most efficient way to make deliveries. Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

Global Numbers

A ranking exercise that challenges you to work with large numbers used in global business. Suitable for 10 year olds and older.

So what would YOU say?

A problem solving exercise where you take on the role of a Customer Care team dealing with a variety of customer complaints and enquiries. What would YOU say? Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Shop Direct is...

A logic exercise, making use of Venn diagrams, to explore what the Shop Direct businesses Isme, Very and have in common and what also makes them different from one another. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Global MAN

Two different tasks that provide an insight into this international engineering company. Learn about “niche markets’ and also demonstrate your powers of concentration. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Where do garments come from and how do they get here?

From which countries in the world does M&S source its garments from? How are all those clothes brought to the UK? Apply your number and problem solving skills to realistic M&S business data to find out. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Pay out or reject?

A problem solving exercise where you decide, using actual photos, which of 24 insurance claims are valid and how the risk of similar claims in the future can be reduced. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

What is this ‘mystery product’ and who is it made for?

Work out which items are sourced from where and how many miles the various items travel to be made into this ‘mystery product’. What is it and who is its world famous customer? This activity will demonstrate the importance of global supply chains and how they work. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

The Cuppa Challenge

You predict which part of the production chain for a ‘cuppa’ has the biggest carbon emissions. Then watch a related video clip before being challenged to suggest ideas to reduce the carbon footprint of a ‘cuppa’. Internet access will be required to watch the video clip. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Give Us a Clue

A variation of the radio game using business terms, but very adaptable to any vocabulary you wish. Reinforces knowledge of definitions and thinking skills. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

The Biz Quiz

A 50 question quiz about organisations involved in UK and global supply chains. No prior knowledge needed as specific links from our sponsors’ logos trigger relevant information. Internet access is required. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

Think Maths in Logistics

A series of calculations to work out the costs and profitability of running a truck. Suitable for 14 year olds and older.

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