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What is the ‘Learning Zone’?

Quite simply the ‘Learning Zone’ is the part of our website that contains resources for learners to find out more about a particular sponsor’s business or more about the global world of supply chains and logistics as a whole.

These resources can be used before and after playing the game. Indeed many of the activities stand alone and can be used independently without playing the game at all!

Organisations with a minimum of 4 games receive a unique login so that they can download complete activities directly and free of charge from the Learning Zone.

Visitors to the Zone without a login are welcome to search the database to explore summaries of all the activities available but, without a login, visitors are only able to browse and download three complete sample resources*.

Given there are some 50 linked activities, Business on the Move is clearly much more than a board game; it is a platform for learning about business and global supply chains.

Who creates the resources?

We offer our services, as former advisory teachers, to write a learning resource linked to a sponsor’s business, working in partnership through shared expertise and access to appropriate information.

What sort of resources are available?

The resources / activities are very varied.

You can see examples of the activities in the downloadable PDF as well as even more detail by using the database search facility.

The underpinning rationale of these resources to help young people connect what they are learning in the classroom with a relevant aspect of a sponsor’s organisation. It might be link into a product manufactured, a service provided, a process in use or the context in which the business operates. The idea is to make learning ‘real’.Some are naturally more suited to primary school pupils, some to college students or trainees and some to all age groups.Some relate to a particular subject such as Maths or English, while others are of a more general appeal.

The style varies enormously, especially where a sponsor wishes to link Business on the Move to an existing activity on their own website. We consider this variety to be a strength, enabling most teachers and trainers to find activities that suit their learners whatever their age and ability.

Some tasks may take less than 15 minutes to complete while others require much longer, providing teachers and trainers with lots of flexibility as to how they might be used with their learners.

*By way of example there are 3 full resources (shown below), available to everybody with or without a dedicated personal login.

Special Notes for Parents: In addition we have adapted 16 of the resources from our Learning Zone to create more “family-friendly” versions. These are based on the original activities and for parents looking for activities suitable for home-schooling. Go to our Learning through Logistics page.

What makes these resources different is that are work-related and enable many parents to connect their own experiences of the world of work with subjects across the school curriculum.
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Morrisons: “Introducing the Supply Chain (of Carrots)”
Unilever: “The Carbon Cuppa Challenge”
Stobart: “The Supply Chain (Mystery) Challenge”
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