23rd May 2023

Supply Chain Hub Africa ~ Business on the Move Initiative for Africa

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1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of outcomes from the Next Generation session on the Business on the Move and its promotion in Africa by the Supply Chain Hub Africa.

The promotional activity was held on the afternoon of the 24 April 2023 at the Kigali Convention Centre as part of activites for the CILT Africa Next Generation sessions where 173 people participated from 9 countries comprising students, young professionals and business executives

2. Activities

The engagement was in the form of a brief presentation on the history of the board game, how it is played, the expected outputs and a demonstration game. Two demonstration games were played by students paired into 4 teams with their lecturers serving as the bank with guidance from Nlaliban Wujangi.

Though the game could not be played in full, its appreciation and impact was acknowledged. BoTM was highly commended by both students and professionals present.

3. Outcomes

We have since then received expression of interest from representatives in Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and Cameroun with who we hope to sell 10 units in the interim whilst we work out modalities of adequately promoting the BoTM board game more widely, distribution modalities, pricing/invoicing among others. An invoice for 3 units has been requested for and due to be sent shortly.

4. Conclusion

The BoTM is a viable tool for the promotion of Global Supply Chain / Logistics at a time where it is considered and utilised as a competitive edge for organisations in across industries. There is no better time than now for the promotion of BoTM.

5. Recommendation

Proceed with the formalising of the relationship towards a distribution partnership for Business on the Move in Africa.

6. Picture Board

Demonstration game by 2 teams and a cross section of participants in the session:

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