9th September 2021

Coming soon… The Humanitarian Edition of Business on the Move!

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How might we reimagine Business on the Move for the humanitarian sector?

To explore this challenge, we embarked on a fascinating development journey, with our partner HELP Logistiscs, that commenced in November 2019 and has finally reached the last-mile, after creatively navigating our way through the twists and turns of COVID-19. 

Creating customised editions of our standard board game not only generates many benefits for our partners, but it also provides us with a unique and engaging learning opportunity. This time, we set out to provide 100+ bespoke games for HELP Logistics, a program of the Kühne Foundation whose purpose is to shape supply chains for the benefit of humanity.

To adapt the game to the humanitarian sector and challenge ourselves to deliver a board game so realistic, it would resonate with industry professionals, we had to take a deep dive into the world of humanitarian logistics. Our learning and research process was hugely enriched by our purposeful engagements with some outstanding and highly motivated individuals both within HELP Logistics and partner organisations in their network, such as Save The Children.

But when we were finally ready to start our first round of prototype testing, our journey took an unexpected fun, yet challenging, turn during COVID-19, where we found ourselves gathered around our dining tables at home, repeatedly playing against our family members and sharing our findings and insights with our teams over Zoom.

Nevertheless, the challenge to deliver a flexible game that will capture the essence of humanitarian global supply chains for practitioners, field staff in non-logistics functions, such as HR and Finance, and potential new recruits into the sector provided a motivating focus for everyone. Indeed a much appreciated riposte to the tedium of so many lockdowns! 

With ‘Prototype 2’ testing due to be completed by the early October and game finalisation to follow soon after, the Humanitarian Edition will be arriving this autumn.

Watch this space!

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