5th February 2021

Finalist in the SHD Logistics Awards

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During early 2020, in direct response to the emerging Covid pandemic, Business on the Move collaborated with three leading organisations from the UK supply chain sector – Career Ready Think Logistics, NOVUS and Talent in Logistics – to launch #LearningThroughLogistics, a collection of home-schooling resources tapping into parents’ and carers’ insights into their industry as a means of supporting the new teaching role they found themselves taking on with their children.

The resources themselves ~ many of which have been created by the business sponsors of Business on the Move ~  combine learning with fun and are designed to highlight the vital role logistics plays in society and the wider economy whilst providing education in key subjects such as numeracy, English and science. They appeal to primary and secondary school pupils and can be downloaded free of charge, with no registration required, making them accessible for all. Simply visit:

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