11th May 2020

Free home schooling resources enable children to understand business issues while they learn

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#LearningThroughLogistics is a collection of online home-schooling resources suitable for children of all ages. The resources – which can be downloaded free of charge, with no registration required, from – test a pupil’s logic and problem solving by setting a range of challenges relating to the supply chain and logistics sector.

The #LearningThroughLogistics resources have been collated by four organisations passionate about the next generation of supply chain professionals: Business on the Move, Career Ready Think Logistics, NOVUS and Talent in Logistics.

Business on the Move’s co-founder, Andy Page – who is, himself, a retired schoolteacher – comments: “Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, logistics is now being discussed more than ever in the mainstream media. The #LearningThroughLogistics resources provide a range of interactive activities that test a child’s core skills while, at the same time, developing their understanding of broader business, enterprise and environmental matters and highlighting the vital role logistics plays in keeping Great Britain moving, fed and well at all times.”

As well as being educational, the learning activities are fun and have curriculum relevance. For example, one of the resources aimed at the younger age group is called ‘Plan Your Route’ and requires map-reading skills to work out the most efficient ways to make deliveries. This activity has links to core curriculum subjects such as maths and geography. Meanwhile, an activity for the 14+ age group, called ‘Think Maths in Logistics’, challenges students with a series of calculations that must be completed to calculate the cost of running a truck and requires competency in mathematics and business studies.

Pat Smedley, co-founder of Business on the Move, adds: “Of course the #LearningThroughLogistics resources are not intended to replace a school’s properly planned curriculum, but they will be ideal for anyone considering how they can supplement traditional education with broader business and global issues, making connections with their own life experiences at this difficult time.”

Ian Nichol, of Career Ready Think Logistics, adds: “We hope that teachers, parents and carers will use the #LearningThroughLogistics actvities to inspire young people to develop an active interest in the logistics profession as they grow up, or nudge them in the direction of the world of logistics when the time comes for them to decide on their career path.” The launch of #LearningThroughLogistics coincides with the Career Ready Skills Festival, giving young people virtual opportunities to find out more about the world of work.

The #LearningThroughLogistics resources form part of the industry-wide #ILoveLogistics campaign, which was launched by Talent in Logistics to help the public understand the role that logistics plays and get school-age children excited about the sector.

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