8th October 2016

NOVUS student becomes Supply Chain Champion!

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Our winner of Supply Chain Challenge 2016 at the IMHX event at the NEC is Živilė Valaityte, a student at the University of Huddersfield, shown here being presented with her prize of a copy of Business on the Move by David Leach, Senior Lecturer and NOVUS Programme Director at the University.

Živilė beat off the challenge of young and experienced logisticians alike to register a £97,000 profit, more than double her nearest rival playing Business on the Move at IMHX.

“I am delighted to win this Challenge and the prize of a complimentary game”, said an excited Živilė.

“I have to say that this game is an amazing creation, which can be interesting not only to adults, but to young kids as well. This is the best way I have ever seen that younger generation can be introduced to logistics and engage in it while playing a game.

It is very important in terms that (young) people understand what is logistics and how exciting it can be. This game is very interesting, unique and best of all – educational! I am already gathering a group of my friends to play it (again) in the evening!”

Živilė is studying for a degree in Supply Chain Management as part of the NOVUS Trust programme at the University of Huddersfield. NOVUS courses have been designed collaboratively by supply chain professionals and academic experts to provide all the skills, competencies, knowledge and experience needed to prepare for a successful career in supply chain management.

Her 4 year sandwich course is packed with professional development opportunities through work experience, placements, mentoring, guest lectures, site visits and professional qualifications.

Asked if she would encourage other young people into Logistics and Supply Chain, Živilė responds emphatically:

“Definitely! Young people often don’t understand how important logistics is to any business. Whether it is Porsche, Nike, Primark or ASOS… all companies have a lot of logistics going on. If, as a young person, you have any interest in business, then in logistics you can have a very significant impact.”

Živilė concludes: “Logistics keeps the world turning. It involves problem solving, planning and making things happen – every day is different. I would advise anybody to investigate the great opportunities that Logistics and Supply Chain offers.”

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