26th August 2017

Challenge players by using Newsflashes!

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Right at the heart of playing Business on the Move is the challenge to players of all ages to respond appropriately to whatever events and changes in circumstance throw at them.

Using ‘Newsflashes’ is a great way for teachers and trainers to cause players to think and make reasoned decisions. They can:-

  • introduce a new dimension to play and/or signal a higher level of the game
  • reward risk takers, low carbon companies or simply those with insurance cover
  • prompt a collective action such as an auction
  • be especially topical relating to items in the news

There is a generic ‘Newsflash’ slide within the presentation to facilitate the game (downloadable from our website’s Learning Zone*) to draw attention to what you are about to announce.

Otherwise you might imagine you are presenting the Business News on the radio!

Newsflashes consist of the ‘news item’ and an explanation of the consequence of that news on the game. Some examples follow and a full list is available on our website’s Learning Zone*.

Of course, you can come up with your own ideas ~ we are always happy to receive new suggestions that we might add to the menu.

*Those with a minimum of 3 games receive a unique login to gain full access to all the resources downloadable from our Learning Zone. For more information email

>There is concern about climate change and an increasing desire to encourage companies to offset their carbon footprint >In future any player throwing CO2 with a dice may choose to rethrow such a dice on condition (s)he pays £5,000 into the Carbon Credit Fund managed by the Bank
>Expert (consultant) from Unipart visits each player’s business and recommends way to improve the performance of their supply chain operation. >Bank gives each player one of the Unipart ‘Productivity Gain’ cards.
>Government slashes red tape >Players free to pick up an extra Order card per turn until further notice… but beware possible penalties if customer let down by failure to deliver.
>Boom in click-and-collect.>Pallet deliveries now available. >Introduce white pallets into the game ~ £5,000 payment for breaking bulk at any DC (where 1 container is exchanged for 3 white pallets)>Players may now request Pallet Order cards.
>Good economic news boosts confidence and consumer demand >Deliveries earn 20% bonus for the next round of turns for each player.
>Worldwide storms cause sinking of many ships >Every player loses a ship…unless insured!
Spare capacity triggers sale of new assets. You are invited to bid to buy with the business making the highest offer receiving the new asset. Bank chooses which asset(s) to make available for sale by auction.
Invitation to all companies! UK Factory urgently needs one container of raw materials ~ first to deliver will receive £15,000 >Much imagination/‘licence’ to be used here!
Credit crunch forces banks to recall loans All must pay company tax levied at 25% of cash balance (to nearest £000).

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