18th March 2013

Business on the Move: Making Moves

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You must be wondering what has happened to Business on the Move since we set off on our journey? Read more here to learn the fantastic progress we’ve made.

After completing the trials with over 500 learners aged 9 to 19 years, we have set about finding sponsors, not only to finance the game production but also to add realism to the game and make it a ‘platform for learning’.

You won’t be surprised to hear that this hasn’t been easy but finally, in November 2012 after a major breakthrough and great support from the logistics sector, we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have reached the 51% mark of the target sponsorship that we need to raise to go into production, with a further 24% under discussion. We have set July 31st  this year as our deadline and hope to have games into schools in either the Autumn term 2013 or Spring term 2014.

The plan is that our web site,, currently set up for sponsors, will later turn into a web site for schools with resources to download and hyperlinks to businesses. We are sure that this will be of great interest to teachers regarding activities and careers options. Don’t miss the short Youtube film, (2mins), on our web site which shows learners and teachers from two schools who took part in the trials.

We would also be delighted if you would follow us on twitter and also make a comment on our blog at the bottom of this post.

Please post on the blog any ideas you may have about the kinds of lesson activities you would like to see. For instance, one idea we are developing relates to capital cities around the world, helping pupils discover where countries are and even compass directions! Would this be useful?

Another development, and a very pleasant surprise to us, is the interest from the logistics sector in using the game as part of their training with apprentices, graduates and even as corporate gifts. As a result there are many exciting additions to the game.

We look forward to hearing from you

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