11th September 2015

‘Mission Logistics’ for Marks and Spencer staff!

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The logistics sector is a fundamental part of the UK economy, worth over £96billion each year and employing 2.3 million people[i].But government research predicts that, due to the growth of the sector, the industry will need approximately 1.2 million additional workers by 2022[ii].

What is Marks and Spencer doing?

It is signing up staff volunteers to become Logistics Ambassadors whose role is to:

  • Improve the understanding of young people about logistics and what roles exist in the sector
  • Encourage future generations into the ‘world’ of logistics
  • Talk about their career at schools or colleges

    What does this involve?

    Inspired by Business on the Move, Marks & Spencer now wants to share the learning benefits and interactive experience with schools and colleges across the country. Not only does M&S want to showcase the game, it also wants to engage with students about the future that a career in logistics can provide.

    What will staff do?

    The idea is to roll out active ‘inspire’ sessions to schools near M&S’ distribution centres in Castle Donington, Bradford and Enfield. Two thirds of the session will involve introducing and facilitating students, along with their teacher, to play Business on the Move. The other third will be spent talking about the wider logistics sector and M&S as a company.

    The M&S Employee Engagement team and the developers of Business on the Move will create a lot of the content for the sessions. The key ingredient will be the enthusiasm and passion of staff and a day of their time.

    When is it planned to take place?

    The plan is to launch this to 10-15 schools from February 2016.



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