11th March 2013

Delivering Your Future

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Right at the heart of Business on the Move has always been the notion that, however exciting and fun it might be to play, it is much more than a board game, it is a platform for learning.

Our vision is that every business partner featured in the game will have a lesson activity that celebrates an aspect of their business available for free download from the Business on the Move website. These activities are now being written. Others already exist.

“Delivering Your Future” is a superb example of the latter. This website certainly does live up to its name!

“Delivering Your Future”, developed by Skills for Logistics, offers schools everything they ever wanted from a careers website. Visiting opens up a veritable treasure trove for teachers and students alike.

‘Logistics in Life’ captures the essence of what the supply chain is all about, illustrated brilliantly by the UPS commercial.

Lots of games will attract young people, testing their shopping skills just as much as their driving skills!

Clever too are the logistics links to celebrities ~ pupils will relate to the 2012 athletes, whereas Liam Gallagher, Hilary Devey and Chris Tarrant are more likely to ring a bell with the teachers!

There may be a mind-boggling 200,000 companies involved in logistics but the ‘Meet the Companies’ section enables students to get an insight into individual businesses.

The parts of the website ‘Just the Job’ and ‘What’s the Story’ are the heartbeat of the website, opening young people’s eyes to the fascinating range of jobs the sector has to offer. The video clips enable students to hear from real people doing the actual jobs, brilliant and inspirational!

The ‘Learn to Earn’ section signposts career paths with clarity and ‘Giving Advice’ does what it says on the tin, helping hard-pressed teachers get the best out of the website…….and might actually be a good place to start!

In short, if Business on the Move is the platform for more young people (and their teachers) visiting “Delivering Your Future”, then the game will also be delivering.

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