12th April 2013

Business that’s on the Move: Progress Report

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Business on the Move set out to innovate the way in which young people are educated about business and global economics through a new logistics board game. 

Examples from the global supply chain have always been a brilliant way to bring the reality and excitement of business and the consumer experiences of students into the classroom.

We are five months into our eight-month challenge to raise a six-figure sum to enable us to go into production and begin the next challenge of distributing the games into schools across the country.

So how are things progressing?

Such is the interest of the novel game that twenty companies and associations have already pledged 60% of the funding needed to provide over 1,300 free copies into schools and training across the UK.

According to Roger Williams, CEO of the UKWA:

“The game will increase children’s awareness of the essential – but often unnoticed – role that logistics plays in modern society. The fact that so many companies in the sector are supporting the game so well is extremely encouraging and will help to reflect the diverse range of operations and skills offered by today’s third party logistics specialists.”

One dimension that makes the game particularly innovative is that the sections of the board reflect the sponsoring brands, playing the same role in the game that they do in the real supply chain.

Business on the Move is now keen to hear from businesses that would like their brands to appear on the board game, whose target audience are at the customer-end of the supply chain.
Perhaps you know of a large retailer who would be perfect for this type of game? Please direct them to our website or drop us a tweet or email, and with your help we’re sure we’ll reach our goal.

Attending the 2013 Multimodal Exhibition at the NEC?

For one day only, Business on the Move will be at the Multimodal Exhibition at the NEC, providing everyone with the opportunity to interact and play the game for themselves. Visit us on Wednesday April 24 in the UKWA’s Lounge Pavilion!

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