20th October 2014

Business on the Move delivers at CHEP

Posted in: Education

Fifteen CHEP staff were involved on the day.

Their ratings of the training on September 25 at their Sale Learning Academy revealed:

  • Feeling confident about facilitating playing the game with others  80%
  • The training was relevant to people’s needs                                       91%
  • Would recommend the training session                                              98%
  • It was enjoyable                                                                                       100%

In addition to playing Business on the Move with young people at school and college, staff saw much potential internally within CHEP to use the game with planners & logistic personnel and with different management functions. There were also suggestions for its contribution to an assessment centre and even for an internal competition between departments or functions!

Some individual quotes from CHEP staff included:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my training and will definitely be promoting the game.
  • Excellent idea! Wish I had had this in my Business Studies class!
  • Very informative and enjoyable. Well delivered. Lovely
  • All great, thanks and good luck with Business on the Move.

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