28th February 2017

Business on the Move throws its first dice in Ireland

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Arranged by Stuart Burke of IIFA Full Trading Member Hytech Logistics, Business on the Move arrived in Ireland at St. Oliver Plunkett’s Primary School in Malahide, Co. Dublin with Mr. Fortune’s 5th class pupils on Thursday 16th February 2017.

Pupils were divided into teams and given a base of operations with start-up cash. A Banker then showed the pupils how to invest their money in suitable transport facilities in order to fulfil their orders for their customers, the only way to make money and edge closer to winning the game by earning the most profit. Through playing the game, pupils discovered how manufactured goods often travel across the world to their international customers. Curve balls encouraged pupils to react to and be conscious of CO2 emissions and other challenges, perhaps by  investing in insurance.

Stuart Burke, Managing Director, Hytech Logistics, remarked:

“I have believed for many years that the introduction of “The Supply Chain” to young people at an early age would be welcomed and understood by the children. Today’s exercise with this excellent game proved to be a real success with the pupils who showed a huge appetite to learn about The Supply Chain in this effective and fun way. The feedback from teacher, Mr. Fortune, and the children was incredible, they are already looking for further opportunities to fit the game into their busy schedule.” 

Seamus Kavanagh, Executive Officer of Irish International Freight Association said:

“Within 10 minutes I could see that the Kids had a real handle on the game. They were planning their next moves while their classmates played their turns out. What was really special was when a ‘productivity boost’ created the opportunity to double a dice roll. Having learned that the longest distance on the game was for bringing containers by sea, one team immediately dropped their focus on delivering their goods locally and applied the movement advantage strategically for later benefit. It’s fantastic that the game introduces players to facts about the industry and to see the pupils react in such a way really showed how effective Business on the Move is as a learning tool.” 

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