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How is Business on the Move used in Training and Higher Education?

We recommend players of all ages and (logistics/supply chain) experience start at Level One with the teacher/trainer “raising the bar” once players “get” the basic rules.

The game’s versatility relates well to graduate and apprenticeship induction programmes, used, for instance, by Clipper and Kuehne +Nagel to get across the ‘big picture’ of global supply chains in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Video 4 captures the versatility of the game; Video 8 briefly shows ‘Euro apprentices’ from Ocean Network Express (ONE) playing together;

Similarly, over a hundred universities across the world use Business on the Move ~ the University of Warwick, for instance, integrates game play into their Supply Chain post-graduate modules with some 300 students playing annually.

Download (D07) describes the game’s use in training and Higher Education, while Download (D10) summarises how the game is used in business settings. Game play can be adapted to different formats including an “Express” version, ideal for Careers Events and Open Days (see Download D09), while Downloads (D25 and D26) provide spreadsheets to compare performance when up to 20 games are being played at once in a competition or tournament!

Hows does Business on the Move benefit apprentices and HE students?

Video 2 is a good start to seeing and hearing answers to this question, featuring employers and ‘Enactus’ students from the University of Bedfordshire.

Business on the Move offers training and higher education:

  • a novel way for learners to gain understanding of how supply chains & logistics work and their important contribution to our lives and the economy.
  • a flexible resource to meet the varying needs of both potential recruits, new recruits and more experienced logisticians.
  • a powerful learning tool that is a thought-provoking and exciting group activity.
  • an enjoyable and interactive experience to add to programme portfolios.
  • there are even options to incorporate your own organisation into game play, creating your own bespoke version of Business on the Move ~ see Downloads (D11 and D12).

Students at a London Fashion School completed a ‘Before & After’ exercise, summarised in Download (D14), which provides insights into what nearly a hundred students learned from playing Business on the Move.

What support is available?

In addition to the “Guide to Delivering Learning” that comes with every game, there is a variety of downloadable material to help teachers and trainers get the most out of their games:-

  • A Download will help you “Get Started” is (D03) for the Global Edition and (D04) for the UK game)
  • Video 5 will show you how the (Global) game works within 2 minutes.
  • PowerPoints, (Downloads D01 and D02) respectively, can be downloaded to facilitate running either the Global game or the UK game.
  • Newsflashes (such as Downloads D18, D19 and D20) provide fun ways to increase the challenge to your players
  • Downloads (D21,D22,D23,D24,D25,D26) are available to work out who wins, to evaluate your learners’ experience and even to support running up to 20 games at once in a big competition
  • There is a flexible and adaptable workshop menu to be found in Download (D17).

What further information is there?

Video 9 shows our first UK Edition being played by learners across the 9-19 age range, including apprentices, with contributions too from employers and teachers.

Furthermore, the use of real businesses enables Business on the Move to become much more than a powerful educational board game. Over fifty classroom activities have already been created with business partners to enable learners, after playing the game, to investigate the reality of how business works.

These 50+ resources are available free-of-charge to teachers and trainers ~ with a personal login through our Learning Zone ~ to all organisations with a minimum of 4 games.

You can download in the meantime, without any charge, samples of some 16 of these resources by visiting our Family page with notes especially written for parents who might be home-schooling.

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