UK Edition

Do YOU know how to run a logistics business and manage a global supply chain? You soon will with Business on the Move, UK edition!

Four teams will each manage a competing freight company. The teams will need to deliver their orders from China to the UK as quickly, profitably and in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. There will also be opportunities and issues to overcome along the way – so who will handle them the best?

The companies you’ll deal with are largely based across the UK and you’ll work in sterling too. Each team can include 1-2 players and you’ll need the all-important banker too!

This game is suitable for classrooms, family and friends alike and the winner will be whoever succeeds in getting their products around the world the fastest!

Work out who has got what it takes to succeed in business by completing a balance sheet, so easy it has been used hundreds of times in primary schools.

If you want a little more from the game, there are additional resources available too.

Price: £35.00 per game

Special Offer:

4 games make a class set. Buy 4 games or more for £28 each, that is a discount of 20% on the usual price of £35.

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