Global Edition

Could YOU run a logistics business and manage a global supply chain, all around the world? You’ll be able to find out with Business on the Move, Global edition!

Up to four teams can each manage a different freight company and will need to deliver their orders from one side of the world to the other. Each team will need to do it as quickly and profitably as they can whilst caring for the environment at the same time. There will also be some problems along the way and opportunities to take advantage of but who will be crowned victorious?

Working in dollars, you’ll recognise many of the big names found on the board. You can have 1-2 players in each team and need a banker too!

Whether you want to play this with family or in the classroom, the fun and benefits are there for all. The winner will be whoever moves their goods the fastest to their customers around the world. But that’s not all. You could also be crowned winner if you make the most profit and have the most assets, which can be easily worked out using the straightforward balance sheet provided.

Price: £35.00 per game

Special Offer:

4 games make a class set. Buy 4 games or more for £28 each to receive a discount of 20% on the usual price of £35 AND an adhesive label featuring your logo for each box lid, highlighting your organisation’s commitment to young people’s learning and development.

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