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Imagination Gaming’s ‘Cross Curriculum Silver Award’

Solely funded by Imagination Gaming and independently assessed by panels of experienced education professionals and family game enthusiasts, the awards recognise the benefits all ages can get from combining learning, fun and education.

Panel’s comment:

“The Cross-Curriculum Award looks for games that have a bit of everything from an educational side. Games must cover a wide range of curriculum and social skills. For example, Business on the Move involves money and obviously requires mathematical skills but, by involving negotiation as well, includes language and emotional skills too. Business on the Move also links to other important learning topics such as teamwork, responsibility, confidence, risk management and climate change.”


Winner of Logistics Leaders’ ‘People Development’ Award’

Excellence in Logistics Leadership enhances the customers’ experience and delivers their expectations consistently and continuously as the pace of change in customers’ demands continues to increase. The Logistics Leadership Awards have been created to recognise the massive shift in importance of the status of Logistics Leaders and supply chain understanding in forward thinking business. Putting people first with clear goals and strategies to bring the best out in logistics and supply chain teams is a must for progressive businesses.

Judge’s comment:

“A simple way of explaining the complexity of global logistics and supply chain management through the medium of a board game.”


Winner of FTA’s ‘Logistics Partner of the Year Award’

The FTA Logistics Awards celebrate the companies and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the logistics and supply industry. This Award demonstrates industry leadership and excellence that has generated exceptional results, impact and is truly class leading.

Judge’s comment:

“A simple and effective way to opening the mind of future logistics operators.”

Finalist for Talent in Logistics’ ‘Innovation in Recruitment Award’


Finalist for SHD’s ‘Future Skills’ Award, one of “The Logistics Awards”


Finalist for Talent in Logistics’ ‘Innovation in Recruitment Award’

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