Half Day Workshop


This half-day introductory session involves playing the game at different levels. There are  different levels to suit differing ages and abilities, making the game very versatile.

The session typically lasts for 3 hours and is geared to meet your needs around these  ‘core aspects’:-

    1. Showing how to play the introductory game (= level one) through a detailed power point that will be made available for you to use similarly. Includes an introductory learning context, how to use newsflashes and different ways of winning.
    2. Further game levels up to level seven; some can be played on the day, others can be demonstrated. Level seven is really aimed at FE/HE students and/or current employees.
    3. Support material including examples of how BotM can be debriefed, using the 30-page (Teachers’) Guide and a demonstration of what our website’s Learning Zone offers.