The Fully Customised (MAXI) Version

The final option is make your organisation the focus for a completely bespoke board, customised to feature many of your business partners.

This ‘MAXI’ option provides the ultimate customised edition of Business on the Move, ideal for internal training programmes and sustained engagement with local schools.

The minimum order for a fully customised game is for 50 games.

This ‘MAXI’ option does cost significantly more and includes:-

  1. bespoke game boards featuring 10-30 of your business partners; a completely new board is printed with your organisation as its focus and showcasing businesses/customers that you invite to participate. This is ideal for showcasing a different business sector, region or country.
  2. sets of 60 bespoke “Order cards” incorporating ‘Customer’ partners.
  3. sets of 18 bespoke “Pallet Order cards” incorporating ‘Customer’ partners.
  4. sets of 4 bespoke company bases (black, green, red and yellow).
  5. pairs of adhesive box lid logo strips to highlight leading local sponsors.

Attracting local sponsors to showcase their logos in a fully customised edition could require contributions of just a few hundred pounds each to share and cover production costs.

These contributions, of course, could be reduced if you have a lead sponsor such as a major supply chain business, a Local Enterprise Partnership or a university.

If a small charge were to be made for the games, the project could even generate a profit!