03 May

The Top Three!

 Peter Acton, the Chair of the Logistics Leaders’ Network, has announced at Multimodal 2018 which 3 entries he has judged to be the best from the shortlist of twelve cards for the new Advanced ‘Air & Sea’ and ‘Rail & Road’ packs.

The ‘top three’, in no particular order, are:

The creators of the ‘top three’ ideas will receive a complimentary copy of the Business on the Move game and the brand new Advanced card pack featuring, of course, their very own suggestions.

These Advanced cards, co-developed with experienced logisticians, relate to more sophisticated aspects of supply chains, from compliance to customer service and from fraud to final mile.

The combined pack of some 90 supplementary ‘Air & Sea’ and ‘Rail & Road’ cards is aimed at older players, college or university students, new apprentices, recent graduate entrants or even senior staff as part of a corporate training session.

The cards can either be added to the existing pack or replace specific cards deemed less relevant to participants on the day.

The Advanced card pack can be purchased through the SHOP page of our website: www.businessonthemove.org


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