10 Dec

Look out for our new ‘Global’ edition in the summer of 2018!

With fewer than 180 games remaining from our first production run of Business on the Move, we are creating a new Global edition for 2018 that can be played and enjoyed around the world.

Our vision is that by 2022 over 200,000 (young) people will have played Business on the Move. More than 40 organisations involved in global supply chains will make this vision a reality  by  actively featuring on our new game board and delivering the realism that engages and inspires young people.

These sponsors will benefit by:

  1. Helping to change the face of logistics sector recruitment by building interest in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of supply chains from an early age, challenging preconceptions of a sector that operates under too many people’s radar.
  2. Delivering  corporate social responsibility in a novel way.
  3. Adding a versatile, realistic and fun addition to  training resources.
  4. Earning prestige by association with some 40 other significant  businesses at the heart of global supply chain

If you would like to learn more, please email us at  info@businessonthemove.org

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