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As former teachers, we believe business operates ‘under the radar’ of young people today ~ our game excites and inspires your future workforce about how business and global supply chains work.

Donating a class set of 5 games to your local school builds your reputation as a responsible business, gaining you excellent photo opportunities and positive PR exposure.

Making connections for young people between their classroom and business reality helps to develop their subject skills and their future employability.

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A donated set of 5 games, with your logo, ideal for working with a group of 25-30 learners whether at primary school, secondary school or college.

A very versatile learning resource that  is matched to the National Curriculum and also enhances learning across many subjects.

Full and free access to our ‘Learning Zone’ which contains 50 classroom activities created with our business partners, ideal for reinforcing learning after playing the game.

Games made relevant to young people by real businesses being featured in the game.

An innovative platform for effective learning that has been very well received in schools and colleges across the UK ~ go to “BENEFITS”  to find out what young people, teachers and employers think.



You can purchase sets of 5 games in either of two ways (prices include vat and p&p):-

(1)   With adhesive labels displaying your logo on the game box lid for £267 per set of 5 games


(2)    With your own branding incorporated into Business on the Move. Your business not only appears in the game, your branding becomes an integral part of the game featuring on the board and / or on bespoke cards we create. The graphic below shows one possibility which costs £417 per set of 5 games.




  • email stating how many sets of 5 games you wish to purchase and at what price (£267 or £417), but sending no payment until you receive our invoice


  • order and pay online though our website’s SHOP


Business on the Move is distributed by The Very Enterprising Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a form of social enterprise with an ‘asset lock’ that guarantees any surpluses are re-invested in the community. Most of our games go free-of-charge to schools and colleges across the UK through the generosity of our business partners.