Business on the move

Introducing the Learning Zone

As much as Business on the Move is fun to play, it is a learning resource.

The Learning Zone contains over fifty activities developed in partnership with the game’s sponsors for classroom use before or after playing the game. These activities connect the brands and corporate names in the game with the reality of their real contribution to global supply chains and how business works.

There are already over 50 activities to choose from and you can expect this number to grow. All enable young people to gain an insight into sponsors’ organisations, providing real contexts for learning. Some tasks are naturally more suited to primary school pupils, some to college students or trainees and some relate well to all age groups.

Activities may link to a particular subject such as Geography or Maths, while others are more generic. The style varies enormously. This variety will enable most teachers and trainers to find activities that suit their learners whatever their age and ability.

While you are most welcome to search through the kinds of activities available in the Learning Zone, you must have a minimum of 4 games to actually download the resources themselves.

Finding an appropriate learning activity for your group is easy:

  1. Go to the ‘Learning Zone’ and click on ‘Activities’.
  2. Choose the search method that suits your purposes.

The portfolio of activities can be searched by sponsor, by key stage, by subject and by key words. All have been matched to the new National Curriculum, where appropriate, and/or linked to subjects.

  1. Scroll down a summary of the activities that satisfy your search criteria.
  2. Choose to ‘view’ those activities that interest you.
  3. Download the documents and other materials that you want to use.
  4. After using an activity we would be most grateful if you would rate the usefulness of the activity according the ‘star’ system visible by each activity.