Business on the move

Curriculum links at Key Stage 2

About the game

Business on the Move challenges players to run a business that must respond to customers’ orders, moving different products from China to their UK market by combinations of air, sea, rail and road as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can.

What is the best way to deliver? What will it cost and will I make a profit? How should I grow my business? How can I achieve a low carbon footprint?

Suitable for KS2 pupils Business on the Move can be played at different levels, changing how the children play and even how they win.

Reality in the classroom

Business partners from the logistics and retail sectors are at the heart of the game.

Business on the Move involves real businesses featuring as themselves.

The game then becomes a ‘platform for learning’ as players investigate the businesses behind the corporate names in the game.

Schools with a minimum of 3 games can download (at no extra cost) an online portfolio containing diverse learning activities, many especially created with our business partners to enable KS2 learners to understand more about how business works.

Curriculum Links

An engaging resource which addresses the new National Curriculum, including

  • Core subjects
  • Foundation subjects
  • Citizenship
  • Cross-curricular

Business on the Move enhances curriculum delivery in numerous ways:

  • Versatile uses across subjects, ages and abilities
  • Ideal for project/topic work and Enterprise weeks
  • Connects classrooms and workplaces
  • Broadens learning styles
  • Opportunities to link with other schools in the UK and around the world

Linked learning activities make Business on the Move much more than a board game.

It is enjoyable, engaging, tried and tested…it works! See some examples below:


  • Report writing
  • Newspapers


  • 4 operations + – x ÷
  • Statistics, Graphs, Calendars, Time zones, Problem solving


  • Computing
  • Research
  • Websites


  • Designing products
  • Marketing


  • Changes in the UK
  • Trade and Jobs


  • Mapping skills
  • Longitude & latitude
  • Locations, time zones


  • Global warming
  • Carbon footprint
  • Fair trade


  • Real business examples
  • Budgeting
  • Understand supply chains