1. The “Love Logistics” video clip showing what would happen in a world without logistics ~ see the introductory page of the ‘Learning Zone’.
  2.  A presentation* that introduces ‘containers’ in two different ways:
  • 4 slides explaining what players can learn from Business on the Move, the importance of China to the UK as a source of consumer goods and, once those goods arrive in the UK, how they get to their customers
  • 7 slides of which the first 2 ‘look inside’ a shipping container and the other 5 show how containers are moved by air, land and sea to reach their customers.
  3.  This presentation*  is ideally suited to introduce the North West edition of Business on the Move, customised by Peel Ports.   Whichever approach you choose to adopt, further slide sets are then available to explain how to play the game itself, especially useful if you are facilitating more than one game at the same time. * Presentations are available in both power point and pdf formats, the former including brief notes for teachers alongside most of the slides. Contact info@businessonthemove.org  for more details.