Playing the standard version of Business on the Move typically takes one to two hours, depending on what level of the game you play. This ‘Express version’ was devised in order to give adults and young people alike a taste of the game within a short space of time embracing, nevertheless, the central idea of delivering goods from China to customers in the UK as quickly and as profitably as possible. The ‘Express version’ is particularly suitable for use in schools when you have restricted time and at exhibitions or similar ‘events’ for demonstration purposes. For readers already familiar with the standard game, the key difference is not using the Order cards. Instead every ‘Customer’ is assumed to have placed an order for whichever player can deliver a container to them first! Players are invited to compete with one another and make the most profit they can………within the number of minutes you decide e.g. as few as 10-15 minutes if only 2 players or 20-30 minutes if 3-4 players per game. They must aim to maximise the value of their deliveries by air, land and sea at the same time as minimising their carbon footprint. With time so short, players have to balance delivering lucrative long-distance orders with smaller but quicker deliveries nearer to base. Further explanation of how to play this 'Express' version is included in this download.