Business on the move

Our Story


Andy Page and Patricia Smedley are former teachers who have set up a not-for-profit social enterprise that has developed a fun educational game that is intended to excite and inspire 9 to 19 year olds about business and the global supply chain. Following extensive trials with nearly 600 young people aged 9-19, logistics managers and HR staff, our educational board game, Business on the Move, was launched in the summer of 2014. You can see a video clip of young people and logistics professionals playing and talking about Business on the Move in the Gallery part of our website.

How the game works

The basic concept of the game is that players run a logistics business moving different products from China to their domestic market by land, air and sea as quickly, profitably and environmentally responsibly as they can.

Players must make the same decisions businesses make every day. How do I deliver? Will I make a profit? How should I grow? How can I cut my carbon footprint?

As teachers we recognised Business on the Move would need to be extremely versatile, relevant to different subjects and sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of widely differing learners. In fact, so positive has been the response from the logistics industry, that Business on the Move can now be played at seven different levels, including at the higher end such aspects as palletisation, reverse logistics and cash flow.

A platform for learning

Two thirds of our games are being distributed, free of charge, into schools and colleges nominated by our fifty business sponsors. Business on the Move can also be used as a training tool for use with apprentices, graduates and other new recruits as well as existing staff.

In partnership with our sponsors we are currently creating a portfolio of learning activities for classroom use after playing the game. The exercises highlight what our sponsors do and provide young people with a realistic insight into supply chains and business as a whole.

Our aim is to provide teachers, trainers and their young people with a variety of versatile exercises that enrich learning across the curriculum and celebrate the diversity of the logistics sector at one and the same time. Business on the Move is therefore much more than a fun board game. It is a flexible platform for learning for young people of all abilities from the age of nine upwards.

Our business model

We are most grateful to the fifty business partners that have collectively sponsored our enterprise. They truly represent a cross-section of UK supply chains including SMEs, household names, professional/trade bodies and multinationals. For more details visit

Their support is enabling during 2014-15 more than 1,800 games of our 2,800 production run to go free-of-charge, with training and support, into some 500 schools and colleges across the UK.

The remaining 950 games, along with access to the associated bank of learning activities, are available to purchase through our website.

Our aim during 2015 is to generate sufficient sales revenue to finance a second production run and thereby sustain our social enterprise’s work to excite young people about the world of business.



Our business is a particular form of social enterprise called a Community Interest Company (or CIC). Our company is limited by guarantee. There are no dividends and any profits we might make are ‘asset-locked’ by statute and must be invested in the community.