Business on the move

Video clips of the game in action

Launch of First (UK) Edition (2014)

Our National Launch of our first (UK) edition in 2014 at the HQ of the National Union of Teachers in London.

Trialling the Prototype of our First Game

The prototype game being tested by a primary and secondary school in Yorkshire Watch

A workshop using the UK edition

A workshop for local schools organised by Century Logistics Watch

The Ultimate Education Board Game?

Teachers and students describe the versatility of the first edition of Business on the Move across age ranges, ability levels and different subjects. Watch

Worldwide Chain Stores (WCS) at Connaught Junior School

Courtesy of WCS, the ten and eleven-year-old pupils of Connaught Junior School in Surrey were amongst the very first to play the new Global Edition of Business on the Move. Watch

Launch of Global Edition (2018) ~ Inspiring Tomorrow's Logisticians

Playing the new Global edition of Business on the Move, launched in 2018, is a simple but powerful way to convey the big picture of global supply chains in a meaningful and fun manner and, at the same time, help young people understand and be inspired by what the sector does and the opportunities it offers. Watch