Business on the move

Quotes from education and business since 2014

CHEP is impressed by the way Business on the Move manages to combine the sophistication of the supply chain with the simplicity and fun any game needs to work.

Maureen Barwell, HR Director, from one of the Platinum-level sponsors CHEP UK & Ireland

CILT recognised right from the start that the ‘Business on the Move’ board game could help young people to understand the role that logistics, transport and the supply chain plays in all of our daily lives. Employing more than 10% of the working population in the UK ensures that there are great opportunities for young people and we want them to ‘love logistics’ when they come to consider their career options.

Steve Agg, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

This initiative is a unique and fun way for us to engage with our local school communities and bring supply chains and logistics into the classroom in a way that can impact on so many areas of the curriculum. It is a great way of developing commercial and problem solving skills while increasing awareness of the environmental impact caused by the movement of goods around the world.

Steve Foster, Supply Chain Strategy Manager at Marks & Spencer

Business on the Move is such a brilliant concept: a game that can be played at a variety of levels, a game that is educational encouraging key skills such as teamwork, forward planning and communication, and a game that opens up so many career paths for our young people. Young people of all ages love the game.

Max Hyde President of the National Union of Teachers, 2014-15

Thanks once again for the fantastic course the kids are loving the board game.

Adrian Cook, Clifton Upon Dunsmore Primary School

I would like to say how much I enjoyed my day playing the game and have since agreed with my head teacher that I will be made available to play the game with Year 5s on Friday afternoons in the spring term; possibly moving onto Year 6 students post SATs during the summer term. We are excited about the opportunity to put real world problems into school, something I am fairly passionate about.

Sharon Roe, Sketchley Hill Primary School in Leicestershire

There is no doubt that Business on the Move is an excellent board game that captures the essence of logistics and supply chains. What makes it special, however, is its versatility. It works for young people new to logistics and for experienced managers in the sector too.

We used the game with middle managers at Ceva Logistics as part of an ILM5 Leadership programme, challenging them to learn Business on the Move in the morning in order to facilitate the game with 180 fifteen year old students that very same afternoon! Leading such a session in a large hall in a large local comprehensive school certainly took the managers out of their comfort zone, putting their coaching, motivating and organising skills to the test.

Business on the Move clearly pays off in the workplace as well as in the classroom!

Steve Kay, Quality Culture

It was a brilliant day for everyone involved. The Business on the Move game gave CEVA’s managers the perfect platform to promote CEVA Logistics and the vast array of exciting career opportunities available for young people.

Joanne Griffiths, Senior General Manager, Organizational Capability, UK, Ireland & Nordics

Thanks for such a great training day at Lutterworth last week. The game is really versatile and I am sure will be of great interest to schools across Leicestershire.

Vanessa Breward, STEM Coordinator - Leicestershire

I just wanted to drop you a line of thanks for your presentation session at Norbert I really enjoyed it. I will be planning the way forward with my schools in order to effectively raise the awareness of the product and its role within developing the curriculum around the local theme of logistics and supply chain.

Mark Bentley, Supply Chain & Logistics Development Manager at South Essex College

Brought the game back to the office and cascaded the rules to my Functional Skills Tutor who took it out the next day to use. The trainees loved it.

Peter Kelley, Lunar Training

Thank you for your fab game.

Fiona Routs, Business Studies teacher at Knutsford Academy

I have learned today that when delivering, things don’t always go the way that you want, I learned that logistics is harder that I thought and that there are many hidden costs that I didn’t know about playing is not about winning. I have learnt to work in a team I thought that that game was amazing. I would love to have this as a family game “I learnt to be patient and think ahead. I learnt about teamwork to be patient and strategy, planning ahead

Students at Bridgewater School during Enterprise Day facilitated by CILT apprentices

Certainly, one of the supply chain highlights of the year and one that will influence generations to come.

Neil Ashworth, CEO of Collect+ and Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

On the 17th December 2014 Students from the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of Sheffield discovered that learning can be fun by playing the CILT-sponsored game Business on the Move.

The board game provided intuitive examples about concepts such as lead times, modal choices and inherent complexities of global supply chains. Students enjoyed very much the session, and we are looking at ways to integrate the board game into our curriculum

Dr. Andrea Genovese, Programme Director for the MSc at the University of Sheffield

On the afternoon of Tuesday 16th December 2014 a group of students had the opportunity to play the game ‘Business on the Move’. Students were from Key Stage 4 and 5, currently studying either Logistics (level 2) or A Level Business Studies.

With the object of the game being to complete 4 deliveries to designated businesses, it was interesting to see how the students aimed to achieve this. Some were prepared to take risks and didn’t mind spending a lot of their money, whilst others were more cautious and budgeted carefully! Strategies clearly changed as the game progressed and competition increased as business decisions were influenced and altered by the actions of their competitors!

It was an enjoyable afternoon and gave students the opportunity to experience and understand in a practical sense what they are learning in their studies. It highlighted not only the complexities of business and the supply chain, but also the need to be astute at all times!

Our thanks go to Sarah Skinns at CILT Head Office for facilitating the afternoon.

Mrs Claire Ette, Bishop Stopford School, Kettering

Workshop was clear, informative and fun; would have loved to have played when I was at school.

As an employee in the insurance industry, I did not think I would enjoy the session. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and would be happy to go into schools and help. I can see how it would aid learning in schools and encourage children to be interested in the industry.

Staff of the TT Club in London

The world brought to life.

An enjoyable and informative training session; I look forward to watching my students enjoy it.

Teachers at workshop hosted by the TT Club

A practical way of teaching logistics that is fun and exciting for students of all abilities.

A great resource for sixth formers, differentiated to quite sophisticated levels to really stretch and challenge the most able students.

Various secondary teachers from Suffolk after Century Logistics session

The game has blown me way, the detail and how effective it is. The website is excellent. Thank you once again for the excellent training provided last week.

Rebecca Davies, St Crispin’s School, Wokingham

Excellent way to introduce the supply chain process to our L3 Business students.

Teacher from Reading College

Super fun! 10/10.
Would play again.
Good game, enjoyed it.

L3 Business students at Reading College

Amazing game; I wish I could play it again

Member of Unilever HR team

Though we played only first level, it was great, useful, funny, educative and interesting!
My staff talked about the game the whole morning and discussed different strategies they used.

Artur, a Director of a supply chain business in Moscow

It is good because it uses real-life businesses.

Secondary school student at ‘Careers in Logistics’ day in Wakefield

Innovative and fun………..the game brings logistics to life.

A fantastic learning experience ~ I now appreciate decisions that logistics leaders have to make.

Training Managers at Morrisons plc

I was very proud to see such enthusiasm. The energy from students was infectious. Industry must do more to engage with students and the education world to guide them towards the ever-changing skills requirements and, in particular, the big opportunities with apprenticeships in logistics and supply chains.

Bernard Molloy, Global Industrial Logistics Director for Unipart

Very enjoyable game that gets you thinking about (supply chain) strategy.

Member of Logistics team at Jaguar Land Rover