Business on the move

Benefits to Education

Young people tell us they prefer real businesses featuring as an intrinsic part of Business on the Move so that playing the game reflects the world they live in.

This realism sparks interest from the beginning, it adds to the credibility of the game and young people are more motivated to play and learn.

Moreover, the use of real businesses enables Business on the Move to become much more than an (albeit, very powerful) educational board game. Over fifty classroom activities* have already been created with business partners to enable learners, after playing the game, to investigate the reality of how business works.

With 7 different playing levels and a growing range of follow-up activities matched to differing aspects of the KS2-5 curriculum, Business on the Move is an extremely versatile ‘supply chain’ game suitable for all ages and abilities.

Business on the Move therefore offers schools and colleges opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of classroom learning to the wider working world
  • Enhance learning from KS2-5 through the use of interesting and real contexts across the curriculum
  • Challenge stereotypes and encourage exploring of wider career opportunities
  • Gain insights into how supply chains & logistics work and their important contribution to our lives and the economy
  • Learn effectively through a fun and exciting group activity