Business on the move

Benefits to Business

  • Build your reputation as a responsible business ‘giving something back to the community’.
  • Add a fun, interactive and extremely versatile resource to your internal training programmes.
  • Demonstrate to key sector partners your commitment to long-term recruitment by celebrating logistics and supply chains with schools and young people.
  • Make your brand stand out from the thousands working in supply chains.
  • Gain positive exposure at local, national and even international levels.

Young people tell us that playing Business on the Move where actual businesses feature as an intrinsic part of the game better reflects the world they live in and makes playing all the more realistic.

For this reason we offer options for organisations to incorporate their own corporate branding into the games they purchase so that they become part of the actual game and part of the learning about how business and global supply chains work.

The integration of brands into the game can be achieved in different ways.

One simple way, shown below by way of example, is add an extra ‘Customer’ space to the game board featuring a business logo. Two ‘Order’ cards are also created requiring players to deliver to the new customer.


This option is limited to purchasers of at least 5 games and typically costs an extra £200.

This option lends itself to:-

  • the use of games as an internal training tool and
  • a business wishing to support education by donating branded games to (a) local school(s). In this case an additional label can be added to the box lid which includes the donor’s logo.