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  • The Game – Global Edition (2018)

    £42.00 per game

    A game for up to 9 players where 2-4 multimodal companies compete globally to deliver orders as fast, as profitably and at the least cost to the environment as they can.


    Buy 4 or more games to get an 7% discount on every game (reducing price to just over £39 per game).

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  • The Game – UK Edition (2014)

    £42.00 per game

    A game for up to 9 players where 2-4 multimodal companies compete to deliver orders into the UK from China as fast, as profitably and at the least cost to the environment as they can.

    Ideal for UK players aged from 9-19 years old, this first edition can now be supplemented by ‘Advanced cards’ designed for use in higher education and/or training.

    Buy 4 or more games to get an 8% discount on every game ( reducing the price to £39 per game).

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  • Active Branding

    Would you like your own business to become part of the game?

    ‘Active branding’ is the way you can incorporate your own organisation into playing the game. Integrating your own brand into the standard game has a number of advantages:-

    • Your business becomes an active part of the actual playing of the game, making the game even more relevant to your organisation.
    • It is a novel way to celebrate your own supply chain(s) and partners you work with.
    • Branding the game and donating copies to schools you engage with demonstrates your commitment to young people’s learning and raising the awareness of future career opportunities in the sector.
    • It makes a fun and different corporate gift!

    Please note that incorporating your organisation into the game does require a purchase of a minimum of 4 games.

    Choose from these four different methods to incorporate your branding into the game:

  • Active Branding 1: Customer

    £20.00 per game (min 4)

    Be a ‘Customer’ with bespoke Order cards requiring players to deliver containers and pallets to your featured space on the game board.

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  • Active Branding 2: Distribution Centre

    £20.00 per game (min 4)

    Be a ‘Distribution Centre’, one of only four DC spaces on the board where players can ‘break bulk’ unloading containers into pallets. In this example the DC is Unilever.

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  • Active Branding 3: Railhead

    £20.00 per game (min 4)

    Be a ‘Railhead’ on the board, where trains unload containers to trucks for onward delivery to customers. The example shown is for GB Railfreight.

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  • Active Branding 4: Company Base

    £20.00 per game (min 4)

    Be a ‘Company Base’ where a player runs your multimodal logistics business e.g. XPO Logistics as the ‘red’ team in the game.

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  • Lid Labels

    £10.00 per game (min 4)

    Adhesive labels with your logo acknowledge the support you are giving to young people at the school(s).

    Only available when buying a minimum of 4 games.

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  • Advanced Cards

    £9.00 per game

    Currently only available to add to the UK Edition

    Ideal for in-house training and higher education, adding more sophisticated (and even bespoke) Air & Sea or Rail & Road cards to reflect key factors influencing your supply chains.

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  • Half Day Workshop


    This half-day introductory session involves playing the game at different levels. There are  different levels to suit differing ages and abilities, making the game very versatile.

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  • Full Day Workshop


    Includes all the benefits of the half day workshop PLUS options to sample appropriate learning activities, exploring how employers are using the game and engaging with the community.

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  • Unavailable Online

    The bespoke game options below are unavailable online but we would be delighted to supply further details on request.
    Send an email to info@businessonthemove.org, with `Further Details Enquiry` as the subject.

  • Board Reprint Option

    The central part of the game board is customised to make your organisation and geography the central focus of the game.

    Please note that because no ‘Customers’ nor Order cards are changed, this option is only appropriate in the UK where many of the existing sponsors are known.

    The minimum order to reprint the board is for 25 games.

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  • The Fully Customised (MAXI) Version

    The final option is make your organisation the focus for a completely bespoke board, customised to feature many of your business partners.

    This ‘MAXI’ option provides the ultimate customised edition of Business on the Move, ideal for internal training programmes and sustained engagement with local schools.

    The minimum order for a fully customised game is for 50 games.

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